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Veterinary Services

At Tri-State Veterinary Hospital, you can trust that your pets are in great hands. We’re pleased to offer veterinary services in our Port Jervis.

Veterinary Services in Port Jervis

Accupuncture Page Banner

Pet Acupuncture

Advanced Pain Management Page Banner

Pet Advanced Pain Management

Alternative Therapies Page Banner

Pet Alternative Therapies

Behavior Consults Page Banner

Pet Behavior Consults

Emergency Care During Hours Page Banner

Pet Emergency Care During Hours

Geriatric Care Page Banner

Pet Geriatric Care

Dental Care Routine & Advanced Page Banner

Pet Dental Care Routine & Advanced

Dermatology consults Page Banner

Pet Dermatology Consults

Nutritional Counseling Page Banner

Pet Nutritional Counseling

Orthopedic & Soft Tissue Surgery Page Banner

Pet Orthopedic & Soft Tissue Surgery

Pediatric Care Page Banner

Pet Pediatric Care

Parasite Management Page Banner

Pet Parasite Management

Pharmacy-In House Page Banner

Pet Pharmacy-In House

Progressive Veterinary Medicine Page Banner

Pet Progressive Veterinary Medicine

Digital Radiology-In House Page Banner

Pet Digital Radiology-In House

Spay & Neuter Surgery Page Banner

Pet Spay & Neuter Surgery

Home Delivery Page Banner

Home Delivery

From Our Online Pharmacy
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Diagnostic Laboratory In- House Page Banner

Pet Diagnostic Laboratory In- House

and Out-of House Services
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Anesthetic Veterinary Technicians Page Banner

Pet Anesthetic Veterinary Technicians

for safer surgical monitoring and comfortable recovery
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Complete Wellness & Diagnostic Examinations Page Banner

Pet Complete Wellness & Diagnostic Examinations

for all life stages
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Therapeutic Laser Treatments Page Banner

Pet Therapeutic Laser Treatments

Ultrasonography-Abdominal & Cardiac Page Banner

Pet Ultrasonography-Abdominal & Cardiac

Ultrasonography-Abdominal & Cardiac Page Banner

Pet After Hours Emergency