Pet Therapeutic Laser Treatments

Your pets can heal more quickly and painlessly with the aid of our therapeutic laser. For more information, read on.

Pet Therapeutic Laser Treatments

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At Tri-State Veterinary Hospital, we recognize the value of giving your animal buddy the best care available. Because of this, we are pleased to provide veterinary laser therapy, a state-of-the-art method of pain management for your cat. We are committed to enhancing the lives of our patients and assisting them in leading pain-free, joyful lives as one of the few animal hospitals in Kansas that provide this service.

Laser therapy for pets is a cutting-edge treatment option for cats and dogs that relieves pain and speeds up recovery from wounds and illnesses. Using a low-level laser to penetrate deeply into the tissue, pet laser therapy is a non-invasive, painless treatment option that stimulates the production of endorphins from the cells and increases blood flow to the affected area. The light permeates deeply into the tissues, causing endorphins to be released and encouraging wounded cells to repair more quickly. The increased blood flow gives the cells more oxygen and nutrients, hastening the mending process. Pet laser therapy is also known to lessen swelling and inflammation, making it a useful alternative for treating chronic illnesses like osteoarthritis and other types of joint discomfort. This makes it a desirable choice for pet owners looking for efficient pain management for their four-legged companions. Patients with arthritis, elderly animals, and people who have aches and pains benefit most from this medication. It is also a secure and comfortable substitute for conventional therapies like surgery and prescription drugs, which makes it a popular option for pet owners looking for a gentle yet efficient solution to manage their pet’s health issues.