Pet Geriatric Care

We emphasize the significance of quality of life as your pet ages to ensure that their later years are just as full.

Pet Geriatric Care

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Did you know that pets age more quickly than people and might be categorized as “seniors” as early as age 7? Your pet’s health care requirements alter as they do as they age, much like our own. As your pet matures, their nutritional requirements, activity preferences, and many other parts of its daily routine might alter. But how can you distinguish between “normal” aging and a health issue? Older dogs may have extremely subtle changes that, as in people, might go undiscovered until a significant health concern has developed.

Every stage of your pet’s life requires routine wellness checks, so be sure to maintain any planned appointments for your senior pet. Understanding the aging process in pets is the greatest approach to safeguard your pet as they age. We understand that procedure and can assist you in helping your pet. Even if your elderly pet is currently receiving treatment for a health issue, guidelines for care might alter as a disease worsens. Sometimes it’s necessary to modify the drug or adjust the dosage. In order to assess how your pet’s health is either responding to existing treatment measures or changing with age, routine wellness blood work and other diagnostic testing are crucial for senior pets.