Pet Orthopedic & Soft Tissue Surgery

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Soft tissue surgery and orthopedic surgery are only two of the many surgical procedures that Tri-State Veterinary Hospital provides for pets.

Pet Orthopedic & Soft Tissue Surgery

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At Tri-State Veterinary Hospital in Port Jervis, NY, we provide orthopedic and soft tissue surgery for pets. Spaying and neutering, as well as mass removals and gastrointestinal surgery, are examples of soft tissue surgical operations. Orthopedic surgery includes operations including patellar luxation surgery, cruciate ligament reconstruction, and fracture repair. We provide both forms of surgery because we think all pets should have access to high-quality treatment. You can be confident that our staff will provide your pet the finest treatment possible regardless of whether they require a simple operation or something more involved. Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries regarding our surgical services.