It’s flea and tick season which means it’s time to start using monthly prevention products on our cats and dogs if you haven’t been already.
Just giving a general reminder to please LOOK carefully at the packaging and make sure you have the RIGHT product for your animal. You do not want to use dog products on cats and vice versa because that can be potentially fatal!
Here are some tips for your flea/tick products:

1. Make sure the product is for the right animal
-do you have a cat?  -do you have a dog? Is the product age appropriate?

2. Read the labels.
-If you have both cats and dogs, make sure you read the labels
-Sometimes you may have to separate them until the product is dry because you don’t want the cat licking the dogs off and you don’t want the dog licking at the cats

3. Make sure the product you’re using is the right weight range.
-Do not use the wrong weight range on your animal because that can cause side effects

4. Make sure you’re applying the product in the right spot (if it is a topical flea/tick prevention)
-Cats are usually on the neck so that they can’t lick it off
-Dogs are usually between the shoulder blades/by the neck, again so they don’t lick it off.

5. Mark it on your calendars when to give it! You don’t want to give it earlier than supposed to because you can see adverse reactions for it.
-The product labels should tell you how often you need to apply/give the prevention!

6. If you’re using a new product, don’t use any other products (like heartworm preventative) on the same day in case you observe any side effects from the flea/tick product.
-if you see any abnormal behavior (vomit, diarrhea, etc) call your veterinarian as soon as possible

7. Do not use multiple flea/tick prevention at once! Stick to one and if you see problems, talk to your veterinarian for advisement on what to do.

8. Do not keep the product out in the open. You don’t want your pet to have access to it and possibly get into it.
-Putting it away in a cabinet, drawer or some place out of the open is the best.